Tommy Maynard is a Windows PowerShell enthusiast with over 15 years of Information Technology experience. In the last few years it finally feels like Tommy has found his calling within the industry. Luckily for him, Windows PowerShell works right alongside the things he’s been supporting all along — desktops, servers, and other Microsoft technologies. Even non-Microsoft technologies, too. His goal is to help educate and inspire people that work in his industry to embrace PowerShell, and in general, scripting and automation. He’s not a developer or programmer (yet, perhaps); he’s just a Windows System Administrator who understands the importance of learning PowerShell.


If you’d prefer to not learn PowerShell and hire me instead, then contact me at tommy [at] tommymaynard [dot] com. While we may not reside in the same geographical location, I’m sure we can determine ways to collaborate if you’re not in the same area.

One of the things in which I am active, is reading and helping on PowerShell-related forums. I think that June Bender said it best: “I’m convinced that helping always benefits the helper. You always learn by interacting.” (http://blogs.technet.com/b/heyscriptingguy/archive/2014/02/15/string-formatting-in-windows-powershell.aspx)

Do yourself and your career a favor: Spend time everyday, no matter how small, learning something new about Windows PowerShell. It’s one thing to use it when you have to, and quite another to have a deep understanding of how it works, on the day you really need it, and every day before and after, that one.

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