Active Directory User Lookup Form

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I had some free time recently, so I decided I would write my first, hand-coded PowerShell form using Windows Forms. It took a bit to get started and feel comfortable, but before I knew it, I was adding some useful things to my form. My form’s purpose is to lookup users in Active Directory by their user logon name (think, SamAccountName) and return a specific set of properties — Name, Distinguished Name, Mail, Title, Department, and Office Phone.

Feel free to download, and use the form if you think it may be helpful. While there are a few things I’d like to add, and change, I think it’s a solid, version 1.0 effort. There’s a screen capture of the form in action below, and the download link is just beneath that.

In closing, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that a tool, such as this, has already been developed and made available — I didn’t bother checking for that prior to writing this tool. I just wanted to completely write my own form in PowerShell with Windows Forms, and needed an idea.

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Download the Active Directory User Lookup Form here:

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