Quick Learn
The Quick Learn section includes practical examples of PowerShell concepts. Often, while working on specific projects, forum replies, or general PowerShell use, I come across something I want to share, and most often because I think it is fun and informational, and that others may as well.

Script Sharing
This section includes scripts I’ve written and posted for others to download. While some may be posted for download from my website, many will be available on the Microsoft TechNet Gallery. Here’s a link to all my contributions on the gallery, even though most of the posts, in this category, will reference these scripts, functions, and modules, individually.

Twitter Reply
This section’s purpose is for replying to PowerShell-related tweets. I wasn’t sure if these would work, but I’ve written a few and really like the idea.

Help Me
The Help Me section is when I have a PowerShell question I want answered. I’ve only done this once now, so we’ll see how much more traction it’s gets in the coming months.

This section is for extras — blogs, articles, reviews and anything else that is PowerShell-related, but doesn’t necessarily fit into the other categories.

Help Rewrite
Note: I haven’t done one of these in a while, and I’m not sure if I will again.
The Help Rewrites section are rewrites on the PowerShell (about) help files. I wanted to reaffirm my understanding, and this seemed like a great way to do that.