Find DNS Servers Being Used by DHCP Scopes

Download the Get-TMDhcpDNS function here:

There was a Microsoft TechNet forum post last week regarding trying to obtain the DNS servers being used by different DHCP Scopes (Here’s the link:

I originally thought the person wanted to get the DNS Servers listed in the Server Options (what the scopes use by default), until he (or she) better clued me in to wanting the DNS Servers listed in the Scope Options, when there was one. At times there won’t be any DNS Servers listed in the Scope Options, and it’ll use the Server Options instead.

Since that forum post, I wrapped up a few commands to create a full-service advanced function. Get-TMDhcpDNS function will collect the Scope Name, Scope ID, DNS Servers, and whether the DNS Servers assigned, are done so in the Scope Options or Server Options.

If you think this might be helpful for you or someone else, then please download it, test it, and rate it. Thanks, and here’s an example of the function in action:

PS C:\> Get-TMDhcpDNS -ComputerName '' | Format-Table -AutoSize

Name                  ScopeName  ScopeID     DNS                                    ScopeOrServerDNS
----                  ---------  -------     ---                                    ---------------- Building01,, Scope Building02,               Server

Use the link above to download the function.

Update: There was an issue with the DNS Server (System.Object[]) when piping the function to Export-Csv. That’s been corrected in 1.0.2. Here’s a post I had to reference (again):

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