Fix Register-PSSessionConfiguration Error 1326

I guess if you do this long enough, you start finding and reporting on errors before anyone else does. My decision to write today began because of this error message: “Register-PSSessionConfiguration : The verification of the runAs user credentials failed with the error 1326.”

After receiving the error, I took it to Google, and wrapped it in double quotes, only to find there were no relevant results. Once I had a solution, I decided I should do my part to help the next person that encounters this error. As you may be able to conclude, the error message appeared when I tried to register a PowerShell constrained endpoint, using the Register-PSSessionConfiguration cmdlet’s -RunAsCredential parameter.

The primary reason I figured this out so quickly, was because I noticed that the user logon name I chose ended up being longer than my ‘Pre-Windows 2000 logon.’ Think SamAccountName (and its length limitation) vs. the Name property.

It’s apparent (now) that theĀ Register-PSSessionConfiguration’s -RunAsCredential Parameter is expecting the username portion of the PSCredential object to be the SamAccountName, even if the help file doesn’t explicitly indicate that. Hope this helps someone else.

Update: I decided to do the same Google Search I did last week (for the error message), and now something is showing up: this post. Yea, Internet!


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