Get-TMVerbSynonym 1.4

Notes: Download link at the bottom of this post.

One of my favorite PowerShell community members, June Blender, posted a question on Twitter. While it wasn’t directed at me, I couldn’t resist. She wanted the approved verb options for the verbs “populate”, “fill in”, or “load”. I couldn’t help myself, because I wrote a function for this very task!

The Get-TMVerbSynonym function’s purpose is to find synonyms for verbs and return whether they’re approved, or not. Well, her Tweet was all it took to finally make some overdue changes, to include getting it posted on the PowerShell Gallery. As I called it in one of my follow up tweets, when June asked where it was then published, I said it was a “TechNet leftover.”

Well, not anymore.

It’s since been updated to version 1.4 and placed on the PowerShell Gallery. The above image was what I posted when it was in version 1.3. This means that it doesn’t reflect two of the newest, view able changes. The Verb property now indicates the verb it’s checking, and the old Verb property has been renamed to Synonym. This was included to support some other potential updates for an even newer version. Anyway, this means it’s up to five properties, so pipe to Format-Table -AutoSize in order that the results can be easily read.

Additionally, it now includes something I always wanted it to have: an Approved, switch parameter. This means there’s no piping to Where-Object to filter the function to only show the approved synonyms. Here’s an example of the function in action, both with, and without the Approved, switch parameter.

Download it now manually, or use Install-Script -Name Get-TMVerbSynonym.

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