Hashtag AWS Tweet Prompts Fix to AWSPowerShell Module

I started the Twitter Reply category so I would be able to reply to things I saw on Twitter that needed to be done outside of the 140 character limit. I’ve used it this way a few times, however, today usage is a little different. Although it incorporates Twitter and it’s going to take longer than 140 characters, I’m not actually replying to someone so much. Instead, I am bringing up an event that transpired on Twitter.

First, let me begin by saying how impressed I am with at least one of the developers — I’m guessing he’s a developer — working on the AWSPowerShell module. Last Wednesday, I tweeted that I had started and then stopped an EC2 instance using the Start-EC2Instance and Stop-EC2Instance cmdlets. I noticed a naming difference between identical parameters used by these two, complimentary cmdlets, as I mentioned in my Tweet.

Steve Roberts — a complete stranger to me — replies to my tweet as he must follow the #AWS hashtag. The part the sticks out is that he wrote, “…Fixing…,” as if he was going to correct this difference. Hilarious, right?

Cut to just over 24 hours later and it’s fixed. I downloaded the newest version of the module, installed it, and tested it. It was fixed. The complimentary cmdlets now use the same, -InstanceId parameter.

Did that really just happen? For all I knew, this Steve guy was messing with me, but no, my Tweet really did initiate a (very minor) fix included in the newest version of the AWSPowerShell module. That’s a first. Well, I’ve found a new problem. Maybe I can get that one fixed, too. I’ll be writing about that in an upcoming post and will link it from here, as soon as it’s complete.

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