Linux Prompt on Windows – Part II

A while ago, I wrote myself a new prompt function and shared it here. Well, I’m here to report that I’m still using it in both the ConsoleHost and the ISE. Here’s an image from the first post that shows what it looks like.


The thing about this prompt function, is that it also modified the WindowTitle to reflect the exact same information — the user, the computer, the location on the current drive, and whether or not you’re admin (# = admin vs. ~ = not admin). I love that too, but there’s turned out to be one little inconvenience. Besides the minutely different icons, I can’t quickly tell if I’m about to open the ISE or ConsoleHost from its taskbar icon. Therefore, I modified the prompt function every so slightly to indicate which host is which. Take a look.


Now I can better determine which host I want — CH for ConsoleHost and ISE for, well, the ISE — before I bring it back to the front. As expected, it only took a minor change. I added a switch statement that evaluated the value in $Host.Name. Based on its value, it populated a variable called $HostName that’s used as a part of the assigned valued in the WindowTitle.

Function Prompt {
	(Get-PSProvider -PSProvider FileSystem).Home = $env:USERPROFILE

	# Determine if Admin and set Symbol variable.
	If ([bool](([System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity]::GetCurrent()).Groups -match 'S-1-5-32-544')) {
		$Symbol = '#'
	} Else {
		$Symbol = '$'
	# Write Path to Location Variable as /.../...
	If ($PWD.Path -eq $env:USERPROFILE) {
		$Location = '~'
	} ElseIf ($PWD.Path -like "*$env:USERPROFILE*") {
		$Location = $PWD.Path -replace ($env:USERPROFILE -replace '\\','\\'),'~' -replace '\\','/'
	} Else {
		$Location = "$(($PWD.Path -replace '\\','/' -split ':')[-1])"

	# Determine Host for WindowTitle.
	Switch ($Host.Name) {
		'ConsoleHost' {$HostName = 'CH '; break}
		'Windows PowerShell ISE Host' {$HostName = 'ISE'; break}
		default {}

	# Create and write Prompt; Write WindowTitle.
	$Prompt = "$($env:USERNAME.ToLower())@$($env:COMPUTERNAME.ToLower()) $Location $Symbol "
	$Host.UI.RawUI.WindowTitle = "$HostName`: $Prompt"

Update: After a week or so, I updated the function again. I couldn’t stand the capital CH and ISE. So, that’s fixed: It’s ch and ise, now. There may come another change, too. When I’m not on the C:\ drive, I’d like to include an indication in the WindowTitle. Here’s the update.

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