Linux Prompt on Windows – Part III

Maybe, just maybe, there’s someone else using my “Linux” prompt. Just in case there is, I thought to share the most recent additions. Here’s the first two posts in order, if you’re interested in reading those: Quick Learn – Duplicate the Linux Prompt and Quick Learn – An Addition to the Linux PowerShell Prompt.

The changes are extremely minor. It now includes the drive in the WindowTitle. There was never an indication of what drive you were on (C:\, AD:\, WSMan:\, Env:\, etc.). I’ve also wrapped the prompt inside square brackets. I didn’t do this initially because I didn’t want it to interfere with the way the prompt changes when inside an interactive PS Remoting session. I’m over that; it works just fine. Anyway, the code is below for your testing pleasures. Dump it in your profile to keep it around for good.

If you have questions why I’ve done certain things, then you might want to visit the first two posts linked above. Below the prompt code, I’ve included an image, so you can see it for yourself. If you try the prompt, be sure to change your location within the file system into a nested directory or two, so you can see the prompt update accordingly. It’s a thing of beauty; it really is.

Function Prompt {
	(Get-PSProvider -PSProvider FileSystem).Home = $env:USERPROFILE

	# Determine if Admin and set Symbol variable.
	If ([bool](([System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity]::GetCurrent()).Groups -match 'S-1-5-32-544')) {
		$Symbol = '#'
	} Else {
		$Symbol = '$'
	# Write Path to Location Variable as /.../...
	If ($PWD.Path -eq $env:USERPROFILE) {
		$Location = '~'
	} ElseIf ($PWD.Path -like "*$env:USERPROFILE*") {
		$Location = $PWD.Path -replace ($env:USERPROFILE -replace '\\','\\'),'~' -replace '\\','/'
	} Else {
		$Location = "$(($PWD.Path -replace '\\','/' -split ':')[-1])"

	# Determine Host for WindowTitle.
	Switch ($Host.Name) {
		'ConsoleHost' {$HostName = 'ConsoleHost'; break}
		'Windows PowerShell ISE Host' {$HostName = 'ISE'; break}
		default {}

	# Create and write Prompt; Write WindowTitle.
	$Prompt = "[$($env:USERNAME.ToLower())@$($env:COMPUTERNAME.ToLower()) $Location $Symbol]"
	$Host.UI.RawUI.WindowTitle = "$HostName $Prompt $((Get-Location).Drive):\"
	"$Prompt "


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