Linux Prompt on Windows – Part IV

Sometime ago I wrote a Linux lookalike prompt. Since then, I’ve continued to modify it as I decided it needed changes. Today, I have a newer version, so I figured I should drop it here, as I have previously.

The difference in this version is that it adds a / between the c (C:\ drive) and ~ when I’m in my “C:\users\tommymaynard” directory, or somewhere further nested in this directory. So yeah, as of today, Monday, September 19, 2016, this is the newest version.

So you can see it before you buy it — it’s actually free — here’s a few examples of what the prompt will look like based on your location within the file system. It updates the ConsoleHost and ISE’s Window Title, too. Bonus.

# C drive: C:\
[tommymaynard@testsrv01 c/]$ 

# WSMan drive: WSMan:\
[tommymaynard@testsrv01 wsman/]$

# WSMan localhost: WSMan:\localhost
[tommymaynard@testsrv01 wsman/localhost]$

# Users folder: C:\Users
[tommymaynard@testsrv01 c/users]$ 

# Profile folder: C:\Users\tommymaynard
[tommymaynard@testsrv01 c/~]$ 

# Desktop folder: C:\Users\tommymaynard\Desktop
[tommymaynard@testsrv01 c/~/Desktop]$ 

# ProgramData folder: C:\ProgramData
[tommymaynard@testsrv01 c/ProgramData]$ 

And, here’s the prompt function.

Function Prompt {
	(Get-PSProvider -PSProvider FileSystem).Home = $env:USERPROFILE

	# Determine if Admin and set Symbol variable.
	If ([bool](([System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity]::GetCurrent()).Groups -match 'S-1-5-32-544')) {
		$Symbol = '#'
	} Else {
		$Symbol = '$'
	# Write Path to Location Variable as /.../...
	If ($PWD.Path -eq $env:USERPROFILE) {
		$Location = '/~'
	} ElseIf ($PWD.Path -like "*$env:USERPROFILE*") {
		$Location = "/$($PWD.Path -replace ($env:USERPROFILE -replace '\\','\\'),'~' -replace '\\','/')"
	} Else {
		$Location = "$(($PWD.Path -replace '\\','/' -split ':')[-1])"

	# Determine Host for WindowTitle.
	Switch ($Host.Name) {
		'ConsoleHost' {$HostName = 'ConsoleHost'; break}
		'Windows PowerShell ISE Host' {$HostName = 'ISE'; break}
		default {}

	# Create and write Prompt; Write WindowTitle.
	$Prompt = "[$($env:USERNAME.ToLower())@$($env:COMPUTERNAME.ToLower()) $((Get-Location).Drive.Name.ToLower())$Location]$Symbol"
	$Host.UI.RawUI.WindowTitle = "$HostName`: $Prompt"
	"$Prompt "

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Update: There’s a part V (five) now. This includes an update to indicate when you’re in debug mode.

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