Nine Essential IT Job Skills for 2015

You probably haven’t heard my story, but when I was first introduced to Monad (Windows PowerShell’s original name), I was anything but pleased. I was happy automating in VBScript; I didn’t need (or want) something different. Now, I won’t hardly go near VBScript and if I do, I better be getting paid well to do so.

I read an article a few years ago that offered 10 skills for a successful career. I don’t remember 1 through 9, but I do remember number 10. It was PowerShell. It was that day that I decided I would start and complete my next automation project in something other than VBScript. Without that article, I would have likely continued to delay learning PowerShell, and then possibly missed out on some of the success in my career. I know for a fact that having PowerShell experience was a part of getting my current job – a job I didn’t have when I read that article.

If you haven’t started learning PowerShell, then perhaps this newest article will be what you need to start your learning. This list includes 9 IT job skills to be successful in 2015 and beyond. Guess where PowerShell is this time: It’s number 1.

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