PowerShell Resolutions 2017

I’ve followed Boe Prox’s lead the last two years in making some PowerShell resolutions (2015 and 2016). Let’s start with how I did, and didn’t do, in 2016.

  • DSC genius: No…, I wouldn’t call myself a genius yet, as I still feel like I have plenty to learn. I look forward to getting my hands on the DSC Book being written by Don Jones and Melissa Januszko. Let’s hope work will cover the cost on that one.
  • Stay active on PowerShell forums: Yes. I’ve continue to assist on PowerShell.org (not as much as the others…), Microsoft TechNet, Reddit, and even Facebook when there’s time.
  • Read PowerShell in Depth: In progress. This is on hold as I finish up a copy of Amazon Web Services in Action. My employer is getting deep in the world of AWS, and I opted to be the AWS lead for my team.
  • First module up on the PowerShell Gallery: Yes (and a script, too). I wrote a two function module that allows for foreground and background colors in the ConsoleHost without the need for Write-Host. The script, is a rewrite on a game I wrote a couple years ago called The 1 to 100 game. Check out the above links for more information.
  • Nano Server: I wouldn’t consider myself much of a resource, but I’ve done some experimentation. There’s more to do here.

There’s one thing in particular that I didn’t even think was possible this year. In April, I was asked to speak at the Phoenix PowerShell Saturday event. I didn’t see that one coming, but sure enough, I did that in October, and I think that deserves mentioning.

I’ve continued to stay active on Twitter, and in the close of the year, have had several popular posts there. I’m still actively blogging here on my site (-gt 170 posts now), and linking them on Twitter. I learned a good amount by reading PowerShell content linked on Twitter, and so I’m still giving back here, and then there.

Oh, I also started what I called PSMonday at work. Each Monday I send out a brief PowerShell related email to help encourage those around me at work to embrace PowerShell. I’ve written over 35 PSMondays, and each has been shared with those that read this site, in addition to those with whom I work.

So, what’s in store for 2017? I’ll get back on the DSC train, but before I do, it’s time to put Pester under my belt in completion. I’m looking forward to The Pester Book by Don Jones and Adam Bertram. I like the idea of a reasonably priced book that’s well explained, as Don leads the way. Congratulations to Adam, however, as a collaboration project with Don has got to be exciting and rewarding. Don’s ability to explain the concepts, is up there at the top of PowerShell author elite.

Not PowerShell related, but I did buy a Python book this evening. I’d like to gain some more experience with Python, as well. As I was spending some time with it several month ago, I shared some simple examples with my then 9-year-old son. He’s seemed to catch on. I’ll be letting him read the book if he’s interested, as the book is actually intended for kids. What can I say, I’m intrigued. So I don’t feel so ridiculous, I will include this quotes from the page linked above: “An excellent introduction to programming for anyone interested in learning to program, regardless of their age.” 😉

Make some resolutions, too. It’s paying off for me, and it can help keep you on track. I’m still working toward the PowerShell.org Hero and Microsoft MVP awards, both of which will give my work for the PowerShell community some vindication. Not that I don’t already know, I’ve been a help for some.

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