PowerShell Saturday Returns to Phoenix

Phoenix PowerShell Saturday 2017

For the second year in a row, I’ve agreed to speak at the Phoenix PowerShell Saturday. Last year was a great opportunity for me in regard to both speaking — my first go at that, when combined with PowerShell — and learning. Thanks so much to Jason Helmick (who gave an amazing talk), and the others involved. Speaking is a small price to pay for a free, full day of PowerShell discussion and learning.

Based on the feedback from Thom Schumacher, both a speaker and event organizer, I get the feeling I did an adequate job. I may never really believe that, but I’ve agreed to head north again this October and talk about my favorite topic, with those that choose to attend. Yes, it’s PowerShell.

As of now, I’ve decided to share my newest I-wrote-it-mostly-at-home-kinda work project. What I’ve done is written a function template with built-in logging, and it’s much better than my 1.x versions (link). This could change, I suppose, but for now, I’m proud of what I’ve written and I’d like an opportunity to talk about and hand it off to the PowerShell community. The only thing I know thus far, is that’s it’s in Phoenix in October 2017. Watch the #PowerShell hashtag on Twitter for more information.

Phoenix PowerShell Saturday 2016

Here’s a few links from the 2016 event. The first below link is from one session where I discussed the fundamental three (cmdlets): Get-Help, Get-Command, and Get-Member. The second link is from a second session where I discussed how to get into writing reusable code. In this session, I additionally walked though various language constructs (If, If-Else, Do, and more). The final below link is a link to my speaker profile for 2016. I needed a place to put these links, and with the upcoming PowerShell Saturday for 2017, this seemed like as good place as any.


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