PSMonday #48: March 27, 2017

Topic: The (Online) End of PowerShell Monday

For those following along online, as opposed to those at my workplace, this is the end of the road for PowerShell Monday. The following five weeks of PSMondays are work only, as they describe an advanced function template I’ve written, for those writing PowerShell tools in the office. The reason I’ve decided to end here, is that the posts may be a bit more work specific, and that I’ve actually already offered up this function for public consumption.

At work, we always wanted a standard logging function. Instead of writing that, I incorporated the logging ability into a function template that’s usable for any PowerShell tool we write. This means, that there’s no separate logging function for our functions. It’s built in, if you need it. Before I decided this is something we really should use at work, I actually shared it here first. You can already learn about it, see it for yourself, download it, and use it all you want. The way I accomplished this logging, is by using Write-Verbose to write to the host program, and to a log file, too.

Thanks to those that read the PSMonday series, or any of my posts, really.

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