Stickers, What!?

When I started, I never considered that I would ever brand anything with my URL, and yet, as of this weekend I have. There’s a couple reasons as to why.

One, I’ll be in Phoenix in a couple weekends to give a session about my newest advanced function template (the 2.0 version). As a part of the session, I’m also producing a related blog post, so people at the session can refer to it in case they miss something during my session, or in case I run short on time. I couldn’t believe how fast an hour went when I spoke last year. Additionally, I’ll use my blog to make the advanced function template available — think, downloadable.

Two, it’s the PowerShell symbol and who, that’s willing to lose some time to PowerShell on a Saturday, wouldn’t want a sticker with that logo? So, for those that attend, I’ll see you there, and for those that don’t, let me see you here after 11 a.m. on Saturday, October 14, 2017 to check out the post.

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