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Creating Multiple Credential Objects Part II

Download the updated function here: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Specify-and-Create-d80ad39e

Back in January 2015, I wrote a post and uploaded an advanced function to the TechNet Gallery that allows a user to create multiple credential objects. The multiple part is up to the user, such as they might enter a command as in the below example. Due to the -Set 2 parameter and parameter value, they would get prompted twice, to enter a username and password combination. When the function was completed, they would have two credential objects, with the first stored in $CredSet1 and the second stored in $CredSet2.

New-TMMultiCred -Set 2

I had always wanted to make a couple changes to the advanced function, and so I have. Now the function includes a -NoGui parameter, that will not require the username and password be entered into the Get-Credential GUI, and can instead be entered directly into the console. I should mention that if this was run in the ISE, the password would actually invoke a small GUI for the password, as is standard when using Read-Host’s -AsSecureString parameter in that host.

The other addition I wanted to add is that the advanced function produces objects, instead of using the Write-Output cmdlet to display information. Now, instead of the function writing this:

SUCCESS: Credential Set 1 stored in $CredSet1
SUCCESS: Credential Set 2 stored in $CredSet2

the function writes this:

CredSet             Variable            UserName                                 Password
-------             --------            --------                                 --------
1                   $Credset1           mydomain\admin       System.Security.SecureString
2                   $Credset2           user1                System.Security.SecureString

Neat, right? So download it and try it out. I think it was a decent addition to an already helpful advanced function.

Download the updated function here: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Specify-and-Create-d80ad39e