The 100th Post

In less than two years time, I’ve written and published 99 posts:


On this note, welcome to post 100! This is a exciting achievement, especially since I didn’t even like PowerShell much when it was first introduced (as Monad). I really preferred VBS then, and I didn’t even care much that we — Microsoft admins — were getting a shell, too. It didn’t all register then, and realistically, it was probably because I was still somewhat early on in my career.

It feels like I just bought the domain name and made the commitment to associate myself with Windows PowerShell. Post 100 is a post I didn’t even know was a possibility. In fact, the number of posts were never a consideration. It’s always been about quality, even in brief, right-to-the-point posts. I’ve tried to elevate this blog, by using simple and clear examples to help teach some of the basic and intermediate concepts. I intentionally add clues and use full descriptions to encourage and assist my readers.

In celebration of post 100, I’ll list my top 10 favorite posts, in no particular order:

1. Quick Learn – Clear-Host, Without Clearing the Host

2. Quick Learn – Using OutVariable — Why Don’t I Do that More Often?

3. Script Sharing – Return File Sizes in Bytes, KBs, MBs, and GBs, at the Same Time

4. Script Sharing – Two Old HTAs: LoggedOnUser and Remote Desktop Assistant

5. Quick Learn – Run Background Commands after Every Command (Part II)

6. Quick Learn – Determine if the Alias, or Function Name was Used

7. Quick Learn – Proving PowerShell’s Usefulness to Newbies, Part III

8. Quick Learn – Give a Parameter a Default Value

9. Quick Learn – Save External Dynamic IP to Dropbox

10. Extra – Why is there a

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