Windows PowerShell, is PowerShell

In every post I’ve written here, I’ve always made a conscious effort to use the full term “Windows PowerShell,” before I use “PowerShell” later in the post. Well, those times have changed. With the recent news, dropped yesterday (August 18, 2016), PowerShell is open-source and cross-platform. Windows PowerShell is just PowerShell, and it’s available on Linux and Mac OS.

Here’s one of several stories on yesterday’s news: And here, is the story that mentions the name change:

I’ve always been pleased by my site’s tagline: “A Windows PowerShell Resource.” Today, I’ve gone ahead and made the change, too, signifying that I’m ready, as well. There’s isn’t a non-Windows post here, but in time, there may be.

Yesterday, and today.



It’s a new era, now. Everything I’ve read, from people I trust in the PowerShell community, says the same thing. The investment we’ve made in PowerShell will be transferable to these other operating systems. We’re better off, than we were just a day ago.

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