An Improved Measure-Command: Multiple Commands, Multiple Repetitions, Calculated Averages, and Pauses Between Runs

Download the Measure-TMCommand function here:

In Windows PowerShell, there are often several ways to complete the same task. With that in mind, it makes sense that we might want to determine how long commands and scripts take to complete. Until now, Measure-Command has been the cmdlet we’ve used.

While Measure-Command has been helpful, I’ve often thought it should include some additional functionality. Therefore, I’ve written an advanced function, Measure-TMCommand, that adds all the benefits listed below:

– Continually measure the execution time of a single command and/or script, up to a user-defined number of repetitions.

– Continually measure the execution time of multiple commands and/or scripts, up to a user-defined number of repetitions.

– Calculate the average time a command(s), and/or a script(s)  takes to execute.

– Display limited hardware information about the computer where the command and/or script is being measured.

– Includes an option to display the output of the command and/or script, as well as the measurement results.

Updated 4/15/2015 (v1.2.1): Added a parameter -TimeInBetweenSeconds with a parameter alias of -Pause. This will pause the function between executions, allowing the ability to test at different times between a set time. For instance, let’s say you want to measure a command every 1/2 hour for six hours: 12 repetitions with 30 minute pauses. You would then run the command with the -Repetitions parameter with a value of 12 and the -TimeInBetweenSeconds (or -Pause) with a value of 1800 (as in 1800 seconds, or 30 minutes).

Here’s the function in action:


In the example, above, we can easily determine that using the -Name parameter of the Get-Service cmdlet, is faster then piping the entire result set to the Where-Object cmdlet, and then filtering on the name. Notice that not all properties were returned — only the ones in which I was interested.

With the addition of the -TimeBetweenInSeconds, or -Pause, parameter I have considered that this function might be better served to also have an -AsJob parameter. I’ll look into it, but no promises. Thanks, and enjoy.

Download the Measure-TMCommand function here:

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