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I decided I am going to write about my experience at my first PowerShell Summit—from beginning to end. The word ‘beginning’ is being used a bit loosely, as the PowerShell North America 2015 Summit is still 55 days away (see how I figured that out below). Regardless, I continue to find myself looking forward to this opportunity as it has every potential to be the highlight of my IT career, and so I’m going to post about it.

PS C:\> (New-TimeSpan -Start (Get-Date) -End 4/20/2015).Days
PS C:\> "$((New-TimeSpan -Start (Get-Date) -End 4/20/2015).Days) Days"
55 Days

Although, I’ve been registered for the summit for a few months now, and had my plane tickets for nearly as long, I just secured my hotel room. There was a bit of an internal debate with myself about where to stay. While some mentioned they prefer downtown, I just couldn’t expect that the daily cab fare both ways, and perhaps the extra cost of a downtown hotel, would be worth it. I really don’t know the first thing about North Carolina, or Charlotte, so it’s quite possible that I am very, very wrong.

That said, if anyone reading this is staying near the venue and wants to venture downtown for a meal, perhaps with others, then feel free speak up. Spitting the cab fare up a time or two would definitely be worth it, especially to discuss PowerShell over dinner. That is just something I cannot do with my wife and children. At least not often, and not for long—trust me, I’ve tried.

I’d be willing to discuss PowerShell over a meal closer to the venue, too. I’ve never eaten at a Ruby Tuesday, but that’s the closest food to my hotel. I added the link for me, but feel free to look at all the incredible food coming my way. Honestly, until today, I thought Ruby Tuesday was a buffet for retirees and grandparents, but some of that food looks surprisingly appetizing. The place looks much more appealing than I had assumed, too.

Moving on. Long before I knew I’d be attending the summit, PowerShell.org mentioned a program called Verified Effective. While the cost to take the test had always been mildly prohibitive, I was ecstatic to discover that the cost of the summit included this opportunity. Well, up until the program was cancelled really close after the time when I registered. My emotions were really being played with, even more so when I found out it was back on, although I was excited again. The difference was that the test would have to be taken in person (not remotely), and at the summit. I seriously may have been the first person to click and register on the Eventbrite URL that came via email. Based on opening the exam up to approximately 60 people, it appears that as of today, a touch more than half of the Verified Effective registrations have been claimed. I’m nervous, but looking forward to this opportunity.

I recently decided to read Don Jones’ and Jeffery Hicks’ Month of Lunches PowerShell books (book one & book two). I’ve finished the first one and a little over half way to complete the second title. I’d like to get these signed by their authors, but simply couldn’t do that without reading the books first. While I already know most of what I’ve read thus far, it has been a beneficial and comprehensive review. I long worried that in my learning, which was never front to back in any PowerShell book, that I may have missed something here and there. I had, and I’ve been filling in those little holes nicely since January. I would, without question, recommended these two titles to anyone that wants to learn PowerShell. They would’ve been a great way to learn, had I started with them first. Just find the money, buy them, learn it, and thank the three of us later—more so to them, of course.

I’ll stop here for now, but will be back with more summit ramblings as I find time and topics to cover. This really is going to be an amazing event. I’ll be up close and personal to people that think like I do, and that love automation and PowerShell. This occasion is going to bring together all the rock stars and celebrities of the PowerShell community. If you don’t hear more from me before my flight in April, then you can at least expect I’ll be writing on April 19th from the sky, somewhere between Arizona and North Carolina.

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