PowerShell Resolutions 2015

I read a recent Boe Prox tweet in regards to PowerShell resolutions for the coming year. I carry around with me a mental list of things I want to do, learn, and accomplish, in PowerShell. Although they are often thought about, I had simply never considered making them resolutions, but I suppose that during this time of the year, I should.

While 2014 was a great year for me and PowerShell, there’s just no way it could be better than 2015. I began to write down my list after reading Boe’s, and I’ve decided that I should post and share mine, as well. Perhaps this will be motivational; perhaps I’ll use this as my official checklist. If PowerShell is important to you and your career, then you should start thinking about, and maybe writing down, your PowerShell resolutions, too.

I can honestly say that I became successful with PowerShell the moment I required myself to learn at least one thing about PowerShell — no matter how small — per day. That, in addition to not allowing myself to get discouraged when I didn’t understand something at my first exposure, has been how I crammed so much knowledge into my brain in the last year. I remember searching Twitter for things to read and learn from, and that folks, is why there’s a tommymaynard.com. Anyway, on to my resolutions:

– Continue to help (and learn) on various PowerShell forums including: Reddit, Microsoft Technet, and PowerShell.org.
Update 1: As of May 2015, and I’m still reading and assisting on the various PowerShell forums.
Update 2: It’s December 2015 and I didn’t slow down on helping (and indirectly learning), by assisting on PowerShell forums which included all of those listed above.

– Continue to blog at tommymaynard.com and share my posts on Twitter, and possibly other outlets.
Update 1: As of May 2015, and I’m still producing a fair amount of original content and sharing it on Twitter: https://twitter.com/hashtag/powershell?f=realtime
Update 2: As of August 2015, I linked my first post on the Facebook PowerShell Page.
Update 3: I wrote 61 posts in 2015 — wow!

– Come up with a second submission for the PowerShell.org TechLetter Newsletter.
Note: First submission has been “lined up for publishing,” but has yet to be included—come on January 2015!
Update 1: 1st submission included in January 2015 TechLetter.
Update 2: While this wasn’t a submission to the TechLetter, my series of posts about the PowerShell Summit North America 2015 were linked in the May 2015 TechLetter and on PowerShell.org itself (before just anyone was able to blog on PowerShell.org).
Update 3: I submitted an article for the PowerShell.org TechLetter in hopes to win a 4-day pass to the PowerShell & DevOps Summit 2016. I indicated to run it whether I win, or not. So, perhaps that will show up.

– Express my interest in being a PowerShell.org, TechLetter Editor.
Note: May be mentioned on PowerShell.org in January 2015.
Update: This was never mentioned again by PowerShell.org (in which I’m aware).

– Learn more about, and begin working with, DSC.
Note: First two DSC servers built on December 12, 2014.
Update 1: I’m still working on DSC, but not as much as I would have wanted to by now. There’s still time in the year, and so I plan to return to it soon (May 2015).
Update 2: I took a chance on DSC and good thing I did. My employer heard about Just Enough Administration and wants a Proof of Concept. I’m still working on that…

– Attend, and learn as much as possible from the North America PowerShell Summit 2015.
– Make PowerShell community contacts (network).
Update: Done and done, and it was awesome.

– Take and Pass the Verified Effective PowerShell exam.
Note: After North America PowerShell Summit 2015.
Update 1: The Verified Effective PowerShell exam is gone.
Update 2: It’s back on, but the test is only offered at the PowerShell Summit 2015: I’m registered!
Update 3: I didn’t pass, that I know of, but I haven’t actually checked. I should probably track down that link. Anyway, I could have completed the test, but there just wasn’t enough time.

– Submit PowerShell presentation abstract for IT conference at (name redacted).
-and, possibly-
– Lead a PowerShell, conference presentation.
Update: My abstract wasn’t ready in time. Even so, I’m not sure this is the right conference for this topic. We’ll see what next year brings.

– Start (name redacted) PowerShell Users Group.
Update: This didn’t happen, but I like the chances I can get something going in the coming year.

– Continue to work toward PowerShell.org Hero, and Microsoft PowerShell MVP.*
Update: I think I’ve done a good deal to help the community, but only time will tell. I’m definitely better off than I was a year ago. I know so much more now, and have no desire to stop. I still love to write about, and help people learn, Windows PowerShell.

* I feel like I should say something about these goals. I’ve read it a time, or two now: “I didn’t set out to be an MVP…” For me, I’m not afraid to openly admit that I want recognition within the PowerShell community. The thing is, if I can line myself up with these recognition programs, then I have proof of what I set out to do from the beginning — help teach PowerShell to those seeking to learn. So sure, I want to be successful, in helping others succeed.

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