PowerShell Resolutions 2016

I wrote about my Windows PowerShell resolutions last year after a Tweet by Boe Prox. In what may become a tradition, he’s started up the conversation up again, over at Reddit. If you’re not convinced to make a list for yourself, then let me recommend you do. Knowing I had written and shared a list of resolutions, and that people may have read it, was enough motivation to stick to what I could and update my progress during the year. My 2015 resolutions are listed in the first link above, and were an overall success.

So, 2016. First and foremost I’m out to be a DSC genius twelve months from now. I’ve been spending a decent amount of time adding new DSC resources, modifying configuration scripts, creating new MOFs and having target nodes pull those. While this is in test, I don’t see why I wouldn’t have rolled this out to production at some point in 2016.

It’s a fair bet to assume that I’ll continue to read, and help, on the PowerShell forums at PowerShell.org, Reddit, and Microsoft Technet. Instead of linking those individually, you can find their links on my about page. If you want to learn more about PowerShell, then I recommend you read these. It’s an easy way to pick up things you might not learn otherwise. In addition, you might start to find yourself helping others sooner, or later. It happened to me.

I’m going to read PowerShell in Depth quite soon, and PowerShell in Action, when the newest version ships in the spring. I really don’t mind reading what I already know for review and solidification of concepts. Plus, I want to be able to recommend these titles to people in situations where someone would benefit from them over some of the other PowerShell titles I’ve read. I can’t wait to get started.
Update: It’s not even 2016, and I went ahead and started PowerShell in Depth. I’ve read up through Part 1 of the book and I already appreciate the deeper level content. As someone that read the Month of Lunches book, I can easily spot where the authors provided additional information.

Let’s see, what else? How about I get my first module up on the PowerShell Gallery. I can do that in 2016, once I decided what to add, or what to first write and then add.

Almost as soon as I posted this, it occurred to me: Nano Server. I expect that I’ll take some time this year to become proficient with this technology.

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